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Blockchain Made Simple

Modex BCDB makes hybrid infrastructures easy with a single API.

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The Modex Advantage

Businesses and developers use Modex to bring the benefits of blockchain to their systems. Modex is the fastest way to blockchain enablement.

HIPAA and GDPR Compliance

Prove that you've forgotten. Give anyone access to an auditable slice of your data without bestowing ownership or control.

Secure your Data

Create an immutable, un-hackable record of your most important data. If there is ever an intrusion or ransom, simply restore.

Show without Sharing

Want to power a joint offering without passing out keys to the kingdom? Modex helps you collaborate, not compete.


Modex Makes Blockchain

Fast, Easy, and Affordable


Data Security

Enhance your data with better security and traceability. Gain your customer's trust by using blockchain technology.

Reduce Costs

Forget about costly research and long development cycles. Get your enterprise blockchain database up and running in a few hours.

Focus on Your Business

We radically simplify blockchain development so you can solely focus on your business, while we handle everything else.

Flexible Pricing

Pay as you go and only for what you use. No expensive consulting contracts or prolonged development timelines.

Fast Adoption

Blockchain is a utility and is most valuable when treated as a means to an end. Use it your way.

As Easy as an API

Remember integrating an API or connecting to a database? Now with BCDB you can integrate blockchain just as easy as connecting to an API.
What you need, when and where you need it

Flexible Pricing


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  • Up to 25k Writes per month
  • Customer Support
  • Business Consulting
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$ 50

Per Month
  • 25k to 100k Writes per month
  • Customer Support
  • Business Consulting
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$ ?

Per Month
  • From 100k Writes per month
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Business Consulting
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