Covered Processes

We radically simplify blockchain deployment so businesses can balance security and innovation.



Applied Advantages

With our broad expertise in delivering enterprise blockchain services, tools, and frameworks that address a variety of industry-specific needs, we help organizations gain a competitive advantage on the market.


Log File Immutability

Business processes are driving toward immutability, which is a critical need nowadays. Given space to store data for a long time, immutability is affordable. Versioning provides a changing view, while the underlying data is expressed with new contents bound to a unique identifier. Modex BCDB doesn’t allow any audit trail changes or deletion, which means your logs are kept safe.


GDPR/HIPAA Compliance

Through the use of advanced encryption mechanisms, Modex BCDB assists companies in implementing GDPR-compliant solutions. Every stored data record comes with independent proof that the data is in its original state and has not been manipulated, so it provides an independent forensic quality audit trail for the lifecycle of user records, helping companies prove compliance with data protection regulations.


Business Continuity

Modex BCDB can help mitigate the effects of ransomware attacks by eliminating the single point of failure through its decentralized and distributed structure. Even if a node in the blockchain network is compromised by an attack or other type of security incident, the data can be immediately restored from another node. It is virtually impossible for an incident to affect every node in the network.